Fordham Law Review, Volume 78 Number 5 (April 2010)


Volume 78 April 2010 Number 5


Foreword: The Great Recession and
the Legal Profession

Eli Wald

The Transformation of Large Law Firm Organization and Structure

Team of Rivals? Toward a New Model
of the Corporate Attorney-Client Relationship

David B. Wilkins

Supply Chains and Porous Boundaries:
The Disaggregation of Legal Services

Milton C. Regan, Jr. & Palmer T. Heenan

Multidisciplinary Practice Redux:
Globalization, Core Values, and
Reviving the MDP Debate in America

Paul D. Paton

The Changing Professional Landscape of Large Law Firms

Glass Ceilings and Dead Ends: Professional
Ideologies, Gender Stereotypes, and the
Future of Women Lawyers at Large Law Firms

Eli Wald

So, You Want To Be a Lawyer?
The Quest for Professional Status in a
Changing Legal World

Joyce S. Sterling & Nancy Reichman

The Evolving Institutional and Psychological Infrastructure for
Ethical Decision Making at Large Law Firms

The Risk of Risk Management
Stephan Landsman

Listening to Cassandra: The Difficulty of
Recognizing Risks and Taking Action

Carol A. Needham

Large Law Firms and the Public Interest:
Provision of Pro Bono Services by Large Law Firms

Managing Pro Bono: Doing Well by
Doing Better

Scott L. Cummings & Deborah L. Rhode

The Paradoxes of Pro Bono
Richard Abel


Skeptical Internationalism: A Study
of Whether International Law Is Law

Joshua Kleinfeld


Getting a Fix on Cocaine Sentencing Policy:
Reforming the Sentencing Scheme of the
Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986

Alyssa L. Beaver

Who Is Secure?: A Framework for Arizona v. Gant
David S. Chase

Lightening the Load: Whether the Burden
of Proof for Overcoming a Patent’s Presumption
of Validity Should Be Lowered

Kristen Dietly

The Rule 10b-5 Suit: Loss Causation Pleading
Standards in Private Securities Fraud Claims
After Dura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Broudo

Evan Hill

The Rocky Path for Private Directors General:
Procedure, Politics, and the Uncertain Future
of EU Antitrust Damages Actions

Marc A. Sittenreich

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