University of Chicago Press Joins the Book Review Project

I’m very pleased to announce that the University of Chicago Press is now participating in our book review program.

Participating presses include: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, and now Chicago.  I’m working on arrangements with a few more presses, so stay tuned for more announcements.

Participating presses will  offer free review copies to our blog readers who agree to write a book review.  Please email your proposals to me.

To read some previous book reviews, along with book-related posts, please visit our book review archive page.

Here are some recent titles from the University of Chicago Press:

Gary S. Becker, Uncommon Sense

Charles R. Epp, Making Rights Real

Adrian Johns, Piracy

Eric A. Posner, The Perils of Global Legalism

Michael A. Rebell, Courts and Kids

Ilya Somin, The Supreme Court Economic Review, Volume 17

Jane B. Sprott, Justice for Girls?

Michael Tonry, Crime and Justice, Volume 38

Adam J. Berinsky, In Time of War

Lynn C. Klotz, Breeding Bio Insecurity

Frances E. Lee, Beyond Ideology

Matthew Levendusky, The Partisan Sort

Barak Mendelsohn, Combating Jihadism

Hilary Wainwright, Reclaim the State

Joseba Zulaika, Terrorism

Please check out the above books.  You can propose a review of one of these books or another recent title not on the list.  We’re aiming for reviews between 500 – 2000 words, ideally about 1000 words.  Please email your proposals to me.

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