Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:2 (March 2010)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:2 (March 2010)

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Climate Change, Carbon Sequestration, and Property Rights

Alexandra B. Klass & Elizabeth J. Wilson

We Don’t Want to Hear It: Psychology, Literature and the Narrative Model of Judging

Kenworthey Bilz

Citations in the U.S. Supreme Court: An Empirical Study of Their Use and Significance

Frank B. Cross, James F. Spriggs II, Timothy R. Johnson & Paul J. Wahlbeck

The Prosser Notebook: Classroom as Biography and Intellectual History

Christopher J. Robinette


Lookism: Pushing the Frontier of Equality by Looking Beyond the Law

James Desir

The Demonstration Required to Compel the Administrator to Object Under Title V of the Clean Air Act

Stephanie B. Johnson

: o OMG They Searched My Txts: Unraveling the Search and Seizure of Text Messages

Katharine M. O’Connor

Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Calculating a Debtor’s Projected Monthly Income Under § 1325(b) in Light of the BAPCPA Amendments

Katherine L. Swise

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