Greater Philadelphia Area Junior Law Faculty Meet-and-Greet

Villanova Law School invites junior law faculty at greater Philadelphia area law schools to join us for lunch. Junior faculty will share their research interests, network, socialize, and otherwise foster a community of junior faculty who can collaborate across institutions.

The event will take place on Friday, May 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm at the Faculty Center in the new Villanova Law School building (pictured).

The following faculty members have agreed to serve as informal event coordinators. If you plan to attend, please contact your school’s coordinator so we can receive an accurate head count for the lunch.

1. Drexel: Bret Asbury

2. Penn: Shyam Balganesh

3. Rutgers-Camden: Gerardo Vildostegui

4. Temple: Sandra Sperino

5. Villanova: Tuan Samahon

6. Widener: Thad Pope

We hope this lunch will become the first of ongoing meet-and-greets with rotating Philadelphia area venues (including, we hope, a few good restaurants). If you would be interested in having your school host the next event, please contact your school’s coordinator.

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