DU Process: Cyber Civil Rights Symposium Papers

Denver University Law Review recently rolled out its online companion, DU Process, which focuses on three areas. First, the forum extends the Law Review’s annual 10th Circuit Survey issue by posting detailed summaries of recent 10th Circuit decisions. Second, it periodically hosts online symposia discussing pressing legal issues. And finally, it previews the forthcoming print issues by posting summaries of our upcoming articles

In connection with the DU Law Review’s Cyber Civil Rights symposium, participants published short, engrossing pieces, which are now posted at DU Process.  Here is an overview of the papers and layout:

Part I: Contextualizing Online Harassment

Danielle Keats Citron, Cyber Civil Rights: Looking Forward; Mary Anne Franks, The Banality of Cyber Discrimination, or, the Eternal Recurrence of September; Helen Norton, Regulating Cyberharassment: Some Thoughts on Sexual Harassment 2.0;  Nancy Ehrenreich, Cyber Sexual Harassment: Thoughts on Citron and Franks.

Part II: The Privacy Problem

James Grimmelmann, The Unmasking Option; Christopher Wolff, Accountability for Online Hate Speech: What Are the Lessons from “Unmasking Laws?”; Jacqueline D. Lipton, Online Social Networks and Global Online Privacy; John Soma, Perspectives on Online Privacy: Comments on Lipton, Grimmelmann, and Wolff

Part III: How to Regulate?

Paul Ohm, Breaking Felten’s Third Law: How Not to Fix the Internet; Viva Moffat, Who to Sue?:  A Brief Comment on the Cyber Civil Rights Agenda; Eric Goldman, Unregulating Online Harassment

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