Justice Obama (not President)

Barack Obama is in the wrong branch of government.  The Presidency suits him less well than would a Supreme Court appointment, argues my GW Law School colleague Jeff Rosen, in an essay to appear in Washington Post this weekend.     

Rosen, an expert on the Court, among other things, explains how Obama’s education, temperament and experience gives him the ideal credentials and capacity to contribute as a leader on the Supreme Court.  His skills, not exactly effective so far in the White House, would be better deployed engaging, as a liberal, with the current Supreme Court’s conservative majority.     

Rosen notes at least two routes for Obama to move to this more natural and productive place: (a) Obama could appoint himself to the Court, to replace Justice Stevens (soon likely to retire) or (b) Obama could opt not to run for President in 2012, handing the Democratic nomination to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, with the understanding that she would appoint him.

As with anything Jeff Rosen writes, this essay is well worth reading.

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