California Law Review, Volume 97 Number 6 (December 2009)

California Law Review, Volume 97 Number 6 (December 2009)


Criminal Lying, Prosecutorial Power, and Social Meaning
Lisa Kern Griffin 

Harmonization and Its Discontents: A Case Study of  TRIPS Implementation in India’s Pharmaceutical Sector
Amy Kapczynski 

Libertarian Welfarism
Russell Korobkin 


Transgender Legal Advocacy: What Do Feminist Legal Theories Have to Offer?
Demoya R. Gordon

Should Crime Pay?: A Critical Assessment of the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act of 1996
Matthew Dickman

The Supreme Court of California 2007–2008

Judicial Opinions as Public Rhetoric
Erwin Chemerinsky

Achieving Impartiality in State Courts
Chief Justice Ronald M. George

The Marriage Cases-Reversing the Burden of Inertia in a Pluralist Constitutional Democracy
William M. Eskridge

Rico v. Mitsubishi: The Inadvertent Disclosure of California’s Flawed Work Product Doctrine
Mark Rumold

Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association: Local Voters, State Propositions, and the Fate of Property Assessments
Michael J. McCarthy

In re Lawrence: Preserving the Possibility of Parole for California Prisoners
Joey Hipolito

In re Bay-Delta: CEQA Decision Adds Certainty to Water Planning
Jeremy Brown

North Coast Women’s Care: California’s Still-Undefined Standard for Protecting Religious Freedom
Sumeet Ajmani

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