New York University Law Review, 84:6 (December 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 December 2009 Number 6



Professor Thomas M. Franck

Richard L. Revesz

Remembering Thomas Franck

Thomas Buergenthal

Thomas M. Franck

Normen Dorsen

In Memoriam: Thomas M. Franck (1931-2009)

Michael J. Glennon

The Invisible College of Thomas Franck

Harold Hongju Koh, Miriam E. Saprio, Christopher J. Borgen, Peter A. Gutherie & Michael J. Mattler

Thomas M. Franck: A Selected Bibliography



The Rights of Migrants: An Optimal Contract Framework

Adam B. Cox & Eric A. Posner

Protecting Them from Themselves: The Persistence of Mutual Benefits Arguments for Sex and Race Inequality

Jill Elaine Hasday

Tax Expenditures and Global Labor Mobility

Ruth Mason



Reining in Non-State Actors: State Responsibility and Attribution in Cases of Genocide

Berglind Halldorsdottir Birkland

Preventing Real Takings for Imaginary Purposes: A Post-Kelo Public Use Proposal

William A. Curran

An Administrative Law Approach to Reforming the State Secrets Privilege

Beth George

Paying-to-Play in Securities Class Actions: A Look at Lawyers’ Campaign Contributions

Drew T. Johnson-Skinner

Blameless Ignorance? The Ledbetter Act and Limitations Period for Title VII Pay Discrimination Claims

Jeremy A. Weinberg

The Choice-of-Law Problem(s) in the Class Action Context

Genevieve G. York-Erwin


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