Introducing Guest Blogger Jeffrey Kahn

I am delighted to introduce Professor Jeffrey Kahn, who will be guest blogging with us this month.  Professor Kahn is an Assistant Professor of Law at the SMU Dedman School of Law and a Colin Powell Fellow at the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies.  Professor Kahn teaches and writes on American constitutional law, Russian law, human rights, and counterterrorism.  In 2007-2008 he received the Maguire Teaching Fellow Award from the Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility at SMU for his seminar, “Perspectives on Counterterrorism.”  He is also a member of the founding Advisory Board for the SMU Human Rights Education Program.

Professor Kahn’s doctoral dissertation was published by NF-KahnOxford University Press while he was a law student as Federalism, Democratization, and the Rule of Law in Russia (2002).  During law school, he also served as a lecturer on European human rights law at summer training programs in Moscow for Russian lawyers sponsored by the Council of Europe.  Following graduation, he was a law clerk to the Honorable Thomas P. Griesa of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Professor Kahn served as a trial attorney in the Civil Division, United States Department of Justice from October 2003 until April 2006. In 2005, he was briefly detailed to the Criminal Division to conduct research in Russia on Russian criminal procedure for the Justice Department’s Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training. He is currently writing a book to be published by the University of Michigan Press with the working title International Travel, National Security, and the U.S. Constitution in War and Peace.

His recent scholarship  includes:

Zoya’s Standing Problem, or, When Should the Constitution Follow the Flag? 108 Michigan Law Review (forthcoming).

International Travel and the U.S. Constitution, 56 UCLA Law Review 271, 271-350 (2008).

The Unification of Law in the Russian Federation (with A. Trochev & N. Balayan), 25 Post-Soviet Affairs 310, 310-46 (Oct.-Dec. 2009).

Vladimir Putin & the Rule of Law in Russia, 36 Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law 511, 511-58 (2008) (lead article).

Russia’s Criminal Procedure Code Five Years Out, (with William Burnham) in 33 Review of Central & East European Law 1, 1-93 (2008) (lead article).

The Search for the Rule of Law in Russia, 37 Georgetown Journal of International Law 353, 353-409 (2006).

Russia’s ‘Dictatorship of Law’ and the European Court of Human Rights, 29 Review of Central & East European Law 1, 1-14 (2004) (lead article).

Russian Compliance with Articles Five & Six of the European Convention of Human Rights as a Barometer of Legal Reform & Human Rights in Russia, 35 Michigan Journal of Law Reform 641, 641-94 (2002).

The Parade of Sovereignties: Establishing the Vocabulary of the New Russian Federalism, 16 Post-Soviet Affairs 58, 58-89 (2000).

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2 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I’m a bit fan of Kahn’s work and look forward to his posts. Also, the link to the “international travel” paper is broken.

  2. Danielle Citron says:

    Fixed! Thanks for the tip and the kind words. His work is indeed terrific and important.