Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:1 (January 2010)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:1 (January 2010)

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Arbitration: The “New Litigation”

Thomas J. Stipanowich

Investment Indiscipline: A Behavioral Approach to Mutual Fund Jurisprudence

William A. Birdthistle

The NCAA, Tax Exemption, and College Athletics

John D. Colombo

Preliminary Judgments

Geoffrey P. Miller

Not a Moral Issue: Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty

Shannon Gilreath


Growth, Interrupted: Nontherapeutic Growth Attenuation, Parental Medical Decision Making, and the Profoundly Developmentally Disabled Child’s Right to Bodily Integrity

Mary Koll

A Constitutional Door Ajar: Applying the Ex parte Young Doctrine to Declaratory Judgment Actions Seeking State Patent Invalidity

James L. Lovsin

Don’t Just Check “Yes” or “No”: The Need for Broader Consideration of Outside Investment in the Law

Heather A. Miller

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