Free Review Copies of Cambridge University Press Books to Reviewers

As part of our ongoing book review project, where we solicit book reviews from our readers, some university presses are offering free review copies to reviewers whose proposals we accept.

We’re happy to announce that Cambridge University Press will offer free review copies of their books to anyone whom we approve to write a book review for this blog.

Here are some ideas for books to review:

* Elkins, Ginsburg & Melton – The Endurance of National Constitutions
* May & Hoskins – International Criminal Law and Philosophy
* Sarat – Law and the Humanities: An Introduction
* Sarat – Sovereignty, Emergency, Legality
* Vischer – Conscience and the Common Good: Reclaiming the Space Between the Person and the State
* Freeman – Necessary Evils: Amnesties and the Search for Justice
* Charlesworth & Coicaud – Fault Lines of International Legitimacy
* Scharf & Williams Shaping Foreign Policy in Times of Crisis: The Role of
International Law and the State Department Legal Advisor
* Lepard – Customary International Law: A New Theory with Practical
* Solis – The Law of Armed Conflict
* Zagais – International White Collar Crime
* Richards – Fundamentalism in American Religion and Law
* Den Otter – Judicial Review in an Age of Moral Pluralism
* Burns & Osofsky – Adjudicating Climate Change
* Patterson & Afilalo – The New Global Trading Order: The Evolving State and the Future of Trade

Feel free to propose a review of any of the above books or any other books at Cambridge. Email your proposals to me.

Oxford University Press also offers free review copies.

You can therefore propose to review any book on Oxford or Cambridge’s list, and if we approve you, you’ll be sent a free review copy.  Also feel free to review books from other presses, though they currently aren’t offering free review copies.

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1 Response

  1. Joe says:

    A good thing … the cost of let’s say “Judicial Review in an Age of Moral Pluralism” is around $100 on Amazon though down to $40 for a few used copies.