William and Mary Law Review, Issue 51:2 (November 2009)


Boundaries of Intellectual Property Symposium

Trotter Hardy, Introduction

Dan L. Burk and Brett H. McDonnell, Trademarks and the Boundaries of the Firm

Jason Mazzone, Administering Fair Use

Pamela Samuelson and Tara Wheatland, Statutory Damages in Copyright Law: A Remedy in Need of Reform

Rebecca Tushnet, Economies of Desire: Fair Use and Marketplace Assumptions

Jane Winn and Nicolas Jondet, A New Deal for End Users? Lessons from a French Innovation in the Regulation of Interoperability

Margo A. Bagley, The New Invention Creation Activity Boundary in Patent Law

John F. Duffy, Rules and Standards on the Forefront of Patentability

Mark A. Lemley, Distinguishing Lost Profits from Reasonable Royalties

Michael J. Meurer, Patent Examination Priorities

Graeme B. Dimwoodie, Developing a Private International Intellectual Property Law: The Demise of Territoriality?

Brett Frischmann, Spillovers Theory and its Conceptual Boundaries

Laura A. Heymann, How to Write a Life: Some Thoughts on Fixaiton and the Copyright/Privacy Divide

Mark P. McKenna, An Alternate Approach to Channeling?

Online Response

Steven Hetcher, A Response to Rebecca Tushnet’s Economies of Desire

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