The Senate Health Reform Bill

ExpectingThe US is on the cusp of passing the most fundamental change to our health law since Medicare and Medicaid were enacted. As public-private partnerships spring up throughout our economy, the success or failure of HCR will be a harbinger for the sustainability of similar initiatives in finance, manufacturing, and many other fields. However, negotiating the Rube Goldberg system of exchanges, penalties, and subsidies proposed by the Senate is no picnic, and there will be unintended consequences galore.

The “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), and the set of amendments to it released last week, are hard to get one’s head around. Ezra Klein has been running a great series on how they might be improved. I just want to mention a few good things about the PPACA in a short series of posts.

Photo Credit: WPA Poster Series.

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