Blogging the Drug Policy Alliance Conference

I’m currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Drug Policy Alliance’s biannual conference.  The event brings together a mixture of people–from folks in the non-profit world to academics to activists–who are interested in drug policy reform issues.  This afternoon I spoke on a panel about state medical marijuana laws that included individuals involved in implementing medical marijuana laws in New Mexico, Colorado, and Rhode Island.  I offered my thoughts on the law in California, with a focus on my experience as Chair of the City of San Diego’s medical marijuana task force. It was a great discussion and especially fascinating to hear about the various approaches that states and cities are taking to the issue–for anyone with an interest in federalism, medical marijuana laws would certainly make an excellent case study.  (Speaking of which, Robert A. Mikos of Vanderbilt has a wonderful new article out considering the limits of federal supremacy in the context of California’s medical marijuana laws.)  I’m currently being dragged away from my laptop by some hungry colleagues for dinner, so I must keep this post brief.  But, I plan to blog more about California’s medical marijuana laws and my experiences in San Diego over the coming days.

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2 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    “Hungry colleagues”? Does that mean “a bad case of the munchies?”

  2. Alex Kreit says:

    Sorry to disappoint but it was plain standard issue hunger.