William & Mary Law Review, Issue 51:1 (October 2009)



Adam M. Samaha, Randomization in Adjudication

Elizabeth T. Lear, Federalism, Forum Shopping, and the Foreign Injury Paradox

Wayne A. Logan, Contingent Constitutionalism: State and Local Laws and the Applicability of Federal Constitutional Rights

Scott A. Moss and Peter H. Huang, How the New Economics Can Improve Employment Discrimination Law, and How Economics Can Survive the Demise of the Rational Actor


Anna C. Leist, Voting With Their Feet and Dollars: The Role of Investors and the Influence of the Mutual Fund Market in Regulating Fees

Scott J. Upright, Suspicionless Border Seizures of Electronic Files: The Overextension of the Border Search Exception to the Fourth Amendment

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