UCLA Law Review 57:1 (October)

Volume 57, Issue 1 (October 2009)


From Privacy To Liberty: The Fourth Amendment After Lawrence Thomas P. Crocker 1
Who Can Sue Over Government Surveillance? Scott Michelman 71
Leverage in the Board Room: The Unsung Influence of Private Lenders in Corporate Governance Frederick Tung 115


After the Bailout: Regulating Systemic Moral Hazard Karl S. Okamoto 183


Evaluating The Public Interest: Regulation Of Industrial Hemp Under The Controlled Substances Act Christine A. Kolosov 237
Improving The Education Of California’s Juvenile Offenders: An Alternative To Consent Decrees Stefanie Low 275
The Right to Control One’s Name Julia Shear Kushner 313


Getting the Framers Wrong: A Response to Professor Geoffrey Stone Samuel Calhoun
The Perils of Religious Passion: A Response to Professor Samuel Calhoun Geoffrey Stone

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