Illinois Law Review, Issue 2009:5 (October 2009)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2009:5 (October 2009)

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The Empty Idea of Authority

Laurence Claus

Collateralized Explosive Devices: Why Securities Regulation Failed to Prevent the CDO Meltdown, and How to Fix It

Richard E. Mendales

The Rise and Fall of Invasive ISP Surveillance

Paul Ohm

The Rest Is Silence: Chevron Deference, Agency Jurisdiction, and Statutory Silence

Nathan Alexander Sales and Jonathan H. Adler

The Courage of Innocence: Children as Heros in the Struggle for Justice

Barbara Bennett Woodhouse


Patents on Tax Strategies: Just Another Harmless Subject

Christopher C. Anderson

MySpace, YourSpace, OurSpace: Student Cyberspeech, Bullying, and Their Impact on School Discipline

Emily K. Kerkhof

Live and Let Drive: The Struggle for Unauthorized Drivers of Rental Cars in Attaining Standing to Challenge Fourth Amendment Searches

Lisa J. Zigterman

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