Fin Reg Events

Policy formulation benefits from academic knowledge, often showcased at timely conferences, and there have been plenty of contributions this year and last concerning financial regulation reform amid the economic crisis. Late last fall, I posted a list of conferences pending then, including GW Law’s Panic of 2008 Conference, which will result in a book to be edited by my GW Law colleagues, Larry Mitchell and Art Wilmarth.

This season, there are several noteworthy forums, including at Pitt and Seton Hall Law Schools and, just two weeks ago, an Institute for Law and Economic Policy conference in which I participated, featuring Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia), Kenneth Feinberg (US special compensation master), Lucien Bebchuk (Harvard), Charles Elson (Delaware), Jill Fisch (Penn), Harvey Goldschmid (Columba), Frank Partnoy (San Diego), and a dozen others.

At GW Law, we will host a follow-up to our Panic of 2008 conference on Friday November 6, co-sponsored by ILEP, featuring academic contributions from Jim Cox (Duke), Don Langevoort (Georgetown) and Art Wilmarth (GW), plus participants from Treasury and the SEC and Senate and House Committees having jurisdiction and from the media (including Ed Andrews, New York Times). Discussion will concentrate on the emerging legislative agenda, along with enforcement (federal, state and private).

A notable interactive on-line interchange will by hosted by Steven Davidoff (University of Connecticut), using his platform as editor of the New York Times on-line deal forum. The description suggests a provocative discussion showing skepticism about standard interpretations of the crisis and pending prescriptions for reform. Notable participants include David Zaring (Penn/Wharton, co-author of an article with me on the subject, forthcoming in GW Law Review), Joseph Grundfest (Stanford), David Skeel (Penn) and Lynn Stout (UCLA).

As the Administration and Congress write legislation, ideas and input from events like these, seeming to be on the sidelines, can be important and useful. Tune in.

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