The Asterisk Next to Your Trusts & Estates Grade

After a summer where I encountered multiple media accounts about the off-label uses of  Adderrall and other ADHD drugs, I have a new appreciation for the conundrum of elite athletes and their fans.  Was that A+ Trusts and Estates exam just the result of pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement?  Is the student who seems particularly focused taking something?  Or (and this is worse) do the colleagues with whom I compete not share my fear of  sprouting antlers or dropping dead because of off-label use? Or (and immediacy makes this worse still) is Adderrall my route to having that paper done by the spring submission window?  If it is, what should I be considering?  That Jack Kerouac’s excessive use of Benzedrine, another mental stimulant, helped him write On the Road or that it eventually put him in the hospital with thrombophlebitis?

You can find good articles about Adderrall and other cognitive enhancers here, here and here.

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  1. Mike says:

    Also interesting is when students seek accommodation under the ADA for a questionable disability. One can easily find a doctor to diagnose someone with ADHD. A student then demands acommodations for his “disability,” which means extra time to work on the exam.