So, Some Thoughts and a Rib

Legend: When someone informed Peter Gabriel that his fifth album was named “Peter Gabriel” as his previous four had been, Gabriel replied “So.”*

Although I tend to agree with Dave and Larry that we should strive for more precise use of language (despite my use of “so” to begin my last post), I think the word in the right place such as to start a story or anecdote gives the impression of being in the middle of a conversation and draws others into that flow of thought. To use the term too much as Larry described does not seem to be a problem of the word so as much as the bad habit of repeating a phrase as a crutch or space filler. I recall those who say “you know” or “know what I mean” or “right” or the ever popular and with us forever “like” having the same effect Larry describes. Nonetheless, like Larry, I admit that I try to eliminate poor usage and find that I slip. I hope to do better. Here, however, is another way to think about the problem.

*Security was supposedly a label choice, not Gabriel’s.

After the break is a little pop culture fun Amadeus (as in Rock Me) style.

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  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:


    Thanks for clarifying my main point.

    The “too many notes” clip is funny.