Who Is Elizabeth Nowicki?

My name is Elizabeth Nowicki, and I am currently a visiting faculty member at Boston University School of Law. I teach law school for a living, I am a lawyer (admitted to practice in New York), I opine on matters related to law and business, and I write lawyerly articles and blog posts.

I am not on Twitter, I am not on Myspace, and I do not dabble in fiction or poetry or haiku or similar literary efforts.

I am telling you this because there is more than one Elizabeth Nowicki in the world, and I was recently confused with another Elizabeth Nowicki. Indeed, at least one of the other women named Elizabeth Nowicki has the exact same middle initial (“A.”), and another one is a faculty member elsewhere (education professor). Go figure.

To avoid a situation like Frank Pasquale’s, or, worse, like Tim Wood’s, I thought I would post this disclaimer: If you get a Twitter message from Elizabeth Nowicki, it is not from me. If you find an “Elizabeth Nowicki” Myspace page, it is not mine. If you read a poem or short story penned by Elizabeth Nowicki, I am not the author. Instead, you can find me on SSRN, Linkedin, and various other law-related sites. (Please feel free to add me to your Linkedin contacts.)

And, so, with that cleared up, I am done here at Concurring Opinions, as this is the final day of my stint. I am grateful to Dan Solove and his colleagues at Concurring Opinions for allowing me the honor of blogging here. This blog has a huge readership, and it is known for good blogging. Many thanks to the gracious readers for humoring me. Special thanks to A.J. Sutter.

As happened last time I blogged here, I did not blog about every topic I had intended to discuss, so I will return to my normal blog home, at truthonthemarket.com, and hopefully finish my blogging “to do” list there.

Again, many thanks to Dan Solove and the Concurring Opinions team.

Ahoy hoy,
Elizabeth Nowicki
P.S. I appreciate the fact that Ahoy hoy is normally used as a greeting.

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1 Response

  1. Rocco Padula says:

    And there I thought you had been exploring new creative literary avenues. Cheers old friend!