Open AALS Hiring Thread

There seems to be some interest, so let’s open up a thread for candidates and committee members to share experiences and questions.  As I understand it, some folks have been making calls, though of course most committees won’t be meeting till this coming week, at the earliest.

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2 Responses

  1. Anon Dude says:

    I guess this is a better place for my previous question so I’ll repost:


    Just curious as to how much committees look for race and the law scholars and if there are any good such candidates this year.

  2. anotherprof says:

    Dude–As to specific candidates, discussing them would be inappropriate. As to the field? Committees tend to look for either (1) “best athlete” candidates, meaning they are looking for the best available people on the market regardless of field (higher-ranked schools tend to do this) or (2) candidates who can cover particular classes (eg, we need a torts person!). I doubt committees look for “race and the law” candidates, but a number no doubt look every year for candidates with a doctrinal focus (constitutional, employment discrimination) and would be drawn to one with an interest in race.