Introducing Guest Blogger Kathleen Boozang

090625-042_K_Boozang_7-09_retouched[1]Associate Dean and Professor Kathleen Boozang is a health law expert at Seton Hall Law School.  While much of her scholarly career has focused on nonprofit hospital governance issues, she has expanded her research and teaching more recently to explore the legal and policy issues related to the global pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Kathleen oversees Seton Hall’s Gibbons Institute of Law, Science and Technology, as well as its Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy.  Her recent work at the Center includes a Whitepaper critiquing the practices employed by industry to promote their products to physicians, recommending, inter alia, a ban on industry gifts to physicians, and independence of continuing medical education from industry funding.

Kathleen’s most recent article is Monitoring Corporate Corruption: DOJ’s Use of Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Health Care, 35 Am. J. L. Med. 89 (2009) (with Simone Handler-Hutchinson).  Other particularly noteworthy pieces include Does Director Independence Improve Nonprofit Governance?, 75 Tenn.L Rev 83 (2007) and The Survival of Religious Hospitals in a World of Reformed Health Care, 31 Houston L. Rev. 1429 (1995).  Kathleen also blogs regularly at Health Reform Watch.

Kathleen graduated from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Mo. and received her L.L.M. from Yale Law School.

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