Introducing Guest Blogger John Ip

ip-johnI’m delighted to introduce Professor John Ip (University of Auckland Faculty of Law), who will be guest blogging with us this month.

John joined the law faculty of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, in 2005, and specializes in comparative counterterrorism law, and criminal justice. Prior to arriving in Auckland, he worked on Guantánamo Bay and death penalty litigation at an NGO in the United States, and was a Judges’ Clerk at the Auckland High Court. John is a graduate of the University of Auckland and Columbia University Law School.

Some of his publications include:

* Two Narratives of Torture, 7 Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights 35 (2009)

* The Rise and Spread of the Special Advocate, Public Law 171 (Winter 2008)

* Crime, Criminal Justice and the Media, in Criminal Justice in New Zealand (Tolmie & Brookbanks eds. 2007)

* Comparative Perspectives on the Detention of Terrorist Suspects, 16 Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems 773 (2007)

* Debating New Zealand’s Hate Crime Legislation: Theory and Practice, 21 New Zealand Universities Law Review 575 (2005)

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