Illinois Law Review, Issue 2009:4 (August 2009)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2009:4 (August 2009)

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The Trouble with Twombly: A Proposed Pleading Standard for Employment Discrimination Cases

Joseph A. Seiner

Invisible Businessman: Undermining Black Enterprise with Land Use Rules

Stephen Clowney

Disclosure, Endorsement, and Identity in Social Marketing

William McGeveran

Virtue’s Domain

Ekow N. Yankah


Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: An Empirical Evaluation of Predeliberation Discussions

Jessica L. Bregant

Mind the Gap: A Legal and Economic Analysis of Stockbroker Overtime Eligibility Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Craig A. Cunningham

Myth of Auditor Independence

Denis A. Klimentchenko

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