Gaming, Depression, and the CDC: Thanks Ars Technica

Several news outlets are covering the hyped notion that gamers tend to be overweight, 35, and depressed. The first thing that crossed my mind was this fact: it was conducted in the the Seattle-Tacoma area. Wow, people in MSville which is known for no sunlight, coffe-compensation techniques, and a great era of rather depressing music (i.e., grunge for you youngsters) might not go outside and might exhibit depression? I poked around and Ars Technica has a nice article about the flaws in the study which apparently admits “The fact that the sample was drawn from a population concentrated in western Washington State and from an Internet-based panel may limit generalizability of the results.” The full study is here. I could go on, but the Ars article covers the oddity rather well. Score one for Ars and thanks for noting the nuances in the study.

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2 Responses

  1. Alrick says:

    The regional bias is ridiculous honestly. I’m actually trying to conduct a similar study (nationally) with gamers because I’ve heard the opposite – some gamers can become so immersed in their game they actually LOSE weight. Here’s a link if anyone wants to participate:

  2. Bruce Boyden says:

    This just in: new study confirms what you’ve always suspected.