The Callback That Keeps On Giving

Perhaps unknown to much of the law world, yet no doubt old news to the acting one, a company called Cast It Systems lets casting directors view digitally-recorded auditions and resumes along with others’ critiques through a password-protected site.  As The New York Times explains, every975854_film_clapper_1thing Cast It digitizes remains stored indefinitely and thus outdated auditions could potentially hurt, or help, aspiring actors.  This could mean that auditions not requested may not be due to an agent’s lack of clout but to an unfortunate outdated audition or nasty critiques from well-regarded producers or casting directors.  Having just re-read Jeffrey Rosen’s excellent The Naked Crowd: Reclaiming Security and Freedom in an Anxious Age, the notion of technological decay came to mind: having a limited life for certain digital files (beyond the expected software shelf life).  Thespians might support this now-frequently talked about privacy solution and so might those hiring them since it ensures that video auditions they see are current and not misleading, either in a positive or negative way.

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  1. Frank says:

    There’s an interesting book that tries to specify some standards for limited-life files: