Spay or Neuter Your Income Tax Code: A Photo Essay

My family had a yard sale.

Yard Sale

Most of the books were $2 per hardback, $1 per paperback, but not the Winter 2008 complete income tax code and regulations.

Code Pricing

There were no takers.  So I changed the price.

Free Books

But at the end of the night, they were still there.

Lonely Books

So they had to come back inside.

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9 Responses

  1. Tim Zinnecker says:

    Sarah, throw in a copy of the UCC as an enticement (maybe one signed by your colleague, and commercial law guru, Greg Maggs!). Warning: you may have a riot on your hands.

  2. Ann Murphy says:

    It was the color. Had they been the purple version, they would have been gone in a minute!!!

  3. Michael A. Livingston says:

    Well the obvious answer is to pay people to take them, isn’t it? We won’t get into the basis issues . . .

  4. Mr. Bishop says:

    Professor Lawsky,

    I’m sure any number of your former students (such as myself, Ms. Pereria, or Mr. Volozov) would’ve happily taken them off your hands.

    Enjoy Charlottesville!

  5. Archana says:

    That’s hilarious! Second the vote for Craigs List (or EBay?) – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

  6. Rick Marsh says:

    Dear Professor Lawsky:

    Perhaps you had too many volumes. If you’d had the RIA set, it would have only been 6 volumes for the Code and Regs.

    Remember what Yogi Berra said when the pizza parlor asked him if he wanted his pie cut into 6 slices or 8 – “You’d better make it 6, I’m not hungry enough to eat 8.”

  7. Mike Mintz says:

    That is hysterical! We had a yard sale two weeks ago and I couldn’t get rid of my law books either. The unsold baseball card collection was a bigger disappointment though.