Illinois Law Review, Issue 2009:3 (May 2009)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2009:3 (May 2009)

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The Continuity of Justification Defenses

Kyron Huigens

Tax Shelters and Statutory Interpretation: A Much Needed Purposive Approach

Shannon Weeks McCormack

Trademark use and the Problem of Source

Mark P. McKenna

“Streamlining” The Rule of Law: How the Department of Justice is Undermining Judicial Review of Agency Action

Shruti Rana

Book Review Essays

An Administrative Approach to the Resolution of Mass Torts

Douglas G. Smith


Unmasking “Anon12345”: Applying an Appropriate Standard When Private Citizens Seek the Identity of Anonymous Internet Defamation Defendants

Erik P. Lewis

Is the Living Wage Dead in Detroit? The Role of Stare Decisis, Www Rule, and Policy Preferences in the Michigan Supreme Court

Michael W. Halpin

No Match? No Thanks: How the Department of Wwwland Security’s No-Match Rule Puts the Jobs of Legal Immigrants in Jeopardy

Katherine M. O’Brien

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