Fordham Law Review, Volume 77 Number 6 (May 2009)


Volume 77

May 2009

Number 6


The Pros and Cons of Politically Reversible “Semisubstantive” Constitutional Rules
Dan T. Coenen

The Right Remedy for the Wrongly Convicted: Judicial Sanctions for Destruction of DNA Evidence
Cynthia E. Jones


Combat Veterans, Mental Health Issues, and the Death Penalty: Addressing the Impact of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury
Anthony E. Giardino


Beyond Lawrence v. Texas: Crafting a Fundamental Right to Sexual Privacy
Kristin Fasullo

Meet Two-Face: The Dualistic Rule 10b-5 and the Quandary of Offsetting Losses by Gains
Samuel Francis

Ferreting Out Favoritism: Bringing Pretext Claims after Kelo
Daniel S. Hafetz

Adding Insult to Injury?: The Untoward Impact of Requiring More Than De Minimis Injury in an Eighth Amendment Excessive Force Case
Robyn D. Hoffman

Untying Our Hands: The Case for Uniform Personal Jurisdiction Over “Libel Tourists”
Todd W. Moore

Hedges or Thickets: Protecting Investors From Hedge Fund Managers’ Conflicts of Interest
Ryan Sklar

Back to Basics: Determining a Child’s Habitual Residence in International Child Abduction Cases Under the Hague Convention
Tai Vivatvaraphol

Third-Party Consent Searches After Randolph: The Circuit Split Over Police Removal of an Objecting Tenant
Matthew W. J. Webb

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