Cornell Law Review, Volume 94 Number 4 (May 2009)

Cornell Law Review, Volume 94 Number 4 (May 2009)


Property and Obligation

A Statement of Progressive Property
Gregory S. Alexander, Eduardo M. Peñalver, Joseph William Singer & Laura S. Underkuffler


The Social-Obligation Norm in American Property Law
Gregory S. Alexander

Land Virtues
Eduardo M. Peñalver


Virtue and Rights in American Property Law
Eric R. Claeys

A Few Questions About the Social Obligation Norm
Jedediah Purdy

Mind the Gap: The Indirect Relation Between Ends and Means in American Property Law
Henry E. Smith

Should Property Scholars Drop Economics for Virtue? A Skeptical Comment
Katrina M. Wyman


Democratic Estates: Property Law in a Free and Democratic Society
Joseph William Singer


The Complex Core of Property
Gregory S. Alexander

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