CJRA Records Before 1998?

Though open government is a priority of the administration, the court system is taking a decidedly different, slower, path.  Here’s one example.  I’d like to collect the CJRA Reports from the Southern District of New York from 1992-1998, when Judge Sotomayor was sitting on that bench. Those Reports would tell us how many motions “pending” Judge Sotomayor had at six month intervals — i.e., how efficient & quick she was in dispensing justice.  Unlike reversal rates, measures of activism based on hierarchical standards,  and citation studies, CJRA motion  statistics would shed light on Judge Sotomayor’s time as a district court judge, and also have the virtue of being easy to translate for the public.  Some judges allow motions to sit on their dockets. Others don’t.  (Discounting for the first year or two on the bench, as many new judges are given a biased set of cases by their colleagues – the dogs of the other judges’ dockets.)

Unfortunately, PACER records CJRA information from 1998 onward, and I can’t seem to figure out where (online or off) the old reports are housed.

Any ideas?

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