Announcing: Health Reform Watch Blog

Now that we’ve got a critical mass of posts, I just wanted to announce Health Reform Watch, a project of the Seton Hall’s Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy. We’ve been honored with some great contributions, including:

Tim Greaney on competition in the insurance market.

Tim Jost on the prerequisites for a successful co-op compromise.

John Jacobi on public plans and chronic care.

Nathan Cortez on comparative health reform.

Tamara Coley on quality of care differences by insurance status at community health centers.

Michael Ricciardelli on the Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole and private insurer CEO compensation.

Jacob Hudnut on failed state health reforms.

Justin Goldstein on insurance exchanges.

We’re trying to develop a new resource collecting news and commentary on health reform. The eventual vision is to have bloggers covering certain “beats” (including Medicare, Medicaid, state reforms, licensure rules, etc.). I think Managing Editor Michael Ricciardelli has done a great job getting a wide variety of relevant content online. Please let him or me know if you have any suggestions for improving it.

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