“The Play’s The Thing…”

Over at PrawfsBlawg, Jay Wexler made an intriguing post inviting people to compare movies to the books they were based on to see if there’s any truth to the generally accepted wisdom that “the book’s better than the movie”.  I was wondering if the same might ring true for movies based on plays or stage musicals?  The first thought that lept to mind was the academy award winning movie version of the musical “Chicago” which was definitely better than the stage version I saw – although I saw second string cast towards the end of a West End run in London, so can’t compare to the original Broadway version (or the more recent Broadway revival).  And I would have to say that the movie of “Grease” is better than the stage musical – will anyone ever forget Olivia Newton-John dressed up as a “bad girl” in tight black leather?  Any others?

(On a completely separate –  and less frivolous – note, I’d like to draw people’s attention to a post I made earlier today on Faculty Lounge inviting people to formally introduce incoming junior faculty at their schools and some of their recent scholarship.  Link is here.)

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