The Best Post about Sotomayor That You’ll Read This Week

Is by Paul Horwitz.  Seriously.  Best part?

“[T]here is very little point in having very much conversation about Sotomayor at all.  The more we talk about her, the less likely it is that we will actually be talking about her at all — unless we sidetrack ourselves with mostly trivial and pointless arguments about particular speeches or decisions, or about alleged smoking-gun issues of personal or even professional conduct.  The real conversations we ought to have are about the very questions that (in addition to the financial/power/etc. incentives I’ve already noted) cause our conversations about Sotomayor or any other nominee reach such a fever pitch, one that is inevitably disproportionate to the actual nominee himself or herself: should one be conservative or liberal, should one favor abortion rights or not, which party should take political primacy, and so on.”

Would write more, but am listening to people chat during a background briefing about Sotomayor for bloggers. And the band plays on.

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