I wanted to share the exciting news:  the President of our University signed off on my faculty’s recommendation of tenure and promotion to Professor of Law.  I am so grateful to my anonymous reviewers and to everyone who has mentored me along the way.  Thanks CoOp community!

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13 Responses

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Hooray! Congrats! There will be much celebrating in Berkeley!

  2. Orin Kerr says:

    Congrats, Danielle! Not that there was any doubt….

  3. Frank Pasquale says:

    Hooray! I know your students and colleagues are as thrilled as your co-bloggers.

  4. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Well-earned, well-deserved! Congrats.

  5. Tenure Rules says:

    Sweet, now you can beat the students.

  6. Daniel Solove says:


  7. Although I lack the considerable cachet of the above names, I heartily second their sentiment.

  8. Paul Ohm says:


  9. Jacqui Lipton says:

    Congratulations – extremely well deserved!

  10. Deven says:

    “Excellent!” — Bill & Ted or Mr. Burns
    You have tenure; you choose.

  11. Joel Reidenberg says:

    Congratulations!!! Most definitely well earned and well deserved!!!