Slowness in Internet Explorer

A number of readers have informed us that our blog is loading very slowly in  Internet Explorer.  We’ve been trying to resolve the problem and speed up the load time, but we haven’t been able to make significant headway.

If anybody has any ideas why our site is loading so slowly in Internet Explorer, please let me know.

If you’re using Internet Explorer and are experiencing slow load times with the blog, now is a great time to switch Web browsers!  To my knowledge, we haven’t experienced any slowness in other browsers.

I personally like Firefox, which is free for download at

I’ve used Firefox for many years now.  Firefox is generally much faster and better than Internet Explorer, so you’ll not only be improving your Concurring Opinions reading experience but also your reading experience at many other sites as well.  I also find that sites display better in Firefox.  And it’s got more features than Explorer.

It’s free, takes only a minute or two to download and install, so I recommend you check it out.  It doesn’t replace Internet Explorer, so if you don’t like Firefox, you can always go back to Internet Explorer.


We still hope to improve the reading experience at Concurring Opinions for Internet Explorer, but it may take some time as we try to figure out how.  So in the meantime, I suggest you try Firefox or another browser.

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3 Responses

  1. Hey–

    I didn’t have a chance to take a full look yet, but regardless of IE or not, it looks like your server is running pretty slow. Here are two graphs:

    Also note that at the bottom of your html there are some statistics commented out.

    For specific IE slowness, that usually happens with some embedded javascript or flash. Have you added any WordPress plugins recently? Added any new code?


  2. Jacqueline Lipton says:

    I’m having problems with the blog on IE, but not in Firefox.

  3. viva moffat says:

    I think the problem is with Explorer. I’ve been having a hard time with the NYT and other sites when I use IE, but not when I use Chrome.