New York University Law Review, 84:1 (April 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 April 2009 Number 1


Originalism Is Bunk

MItchell N. Berman

Class Certification in the Age of Aggregate Proof

Richard A. Nagareda

Temporary-Effect Legislation, Political Accountability, and Fiscal Restraint

George K. Yin


Limiting Preemption in Environmental Law: An Analysis of the Cost-Externalization Argument and California Assembly Bill 1493

Brian T. Burgess

The Implementation of “Balanced Diversity” Through the Class Action Fairness Act

Jacob R. Karabell

New Dirty War Judgments in Argentina: National Courts and Domestic Prosecutions of International Human Rights Violations

Margarita K. O’Donnell

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