Interesting Deposition

I’m sure this is old news for many of you, but I just started listening to Joel Tenenbaum’s deposition in his RIAA case. Ah, sweet commercial litigation: the hostility of the questioner (who, parenthetically, has serious problems framing questions that would survive objections to form), Nesson’s odd privilege objections,and the plaintiffs repeated calls for a more complete privilege log. It brings it all back so clearly! See especially Part 1.

(Update: More good stuff. Part IV, at minutes 10-12. Plaintiffs attorney seems ready to rip out her own fingernails from the pain of it all. Tenenbaum, who reminds me of some of our commentators, snarks “I assume you’ve taken the LSATS.”)

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1 Response

  1. JP says:

    I just listened to pieces here and there, but Wow! Nesson’s privilege objections aren’t so much “odd” as baseless and wrong. Does anyone know what happened: was this dropped by plaintiff’s counsel? resolved later in the depo? was there a motion to compel? sanctions?