Fifteen (Plus) Proposals for Fin Reg Reform

bright ideas.jpgScores of serious and thoughful proposals for financial regulation reform have been published amid the financial crisis. Following is a list with links to a selected fifteen.

In a forthcoming paper, soon to appear on SSRN, David Zaring and I provide a guide to the perplexed amid this proliferation of proposals.

In brief, we (1) caution against excessive exuberance in fashioning reform and (2) develop a framework to evaluate the contending proposals by delineating what amount to only three or four alternative approaches.

Selected Examples of the Proliferation of Proposals for Financial Regulation Reform


Congressional Oversight Panel

Government Accountability Office

Group of Thirty (Paul Volcker) [here and here]

Treasury Blueprint (Henry Paulson)

Treasury (Timothy Geithner)

White House (Barak Obama)

Interest Groups

Chamber of Commerce

Consumer Federation

International Securities Exchange

Investment Company Institute

New Democrat Coalition (Summary by Blank Rome)


Stephany Griffith-Jones, Columbia University

Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University

Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago

Note: This is a selection. Scores of additional proposals abound and I am aware of several in preparation. My apologies if I left yours out. You can add your favorite to the Comments section.

Hat Tip: Obviously, David Zaring.

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