Boston College Law Review, Issue 50:2 (March 2009)

Boston College Law Review, Issue 50:2 (March 2009)


Kimberly Jenkins Robinson, The Constitutional Future of Race-Neutral Efforts to Achieve Diversity and Avoid Racial Isolation in Elementary and Secondary Schools, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 277 (2009) [PDF]

Fabio Arcila, Jr., The Framers’ Search Power: The Misunderstood Statutory History of Suspicion & Probable Cause, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 363 (2009) [PDF]

Margit Livingston, Inspiration or Imitation: Copyright Protection for Stage Directions, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 427 (2009) [PDF]


Mark S. Stein, Nussbaum: A Utilitarian Critique, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 489 (2009) [PDF]


Kristen MacIsaac, Medicare’s August Rule: Necessary Step Toward Minimizing Federal Spending or Overbroad Decision Leading to Higher Malpractice Costs?, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 533 (2009) [PDF]

Jacob Tabor, Students’ First Amendment Rights in the Age of the Internet: Off-Campus Cyberspeech and School Regulation, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 561 (2009) [PDF]

Peter Tipps, Controlling the Lead Paint Debate: Why Control Is Not an Element of Public Nuisance, 50 B.C. L. Rev. 605 (2009) [PDF]

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