A Supreme Court Vacancy

Above the Law is reporting that Justice Souter has not hired clerks for the upcoming Term. While he is typically the last Justice to hire clerks, this is late even for him. This fact, combined with what I’m hearing from other people who probably know what they are talking about, convinces me that unless something extraordinary occurs in the next two months, he is retiring in June.

This means that breathless speculation about a successor can begin. (It’s never too early for that, right?) I’d be especially interested in what people think about Judge Kim Wardlaw (of the Ninth Circuit). While I hear her name mentioned as a possibility, I must confess that I know nothing about her.

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2 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    Bailouts, Health Care Reform, a Plan for Disengaging in Iraq, and a Supreme Court nomination – all in 2009? THAT’s an ambitious agenda. WOW.

    Who is a potential nominee in academia, for those of us unaware of such things?

  2. He’s not a potential nominee, but I can’t say that I know of a single full-time professor aside from Eugene Volokh who is remotely intellectually qualified for the job. Volokh, however, would be a fabulous Supreme Court justice.