Iowa Law Review, Volume 94, Issue 2 (February 2009)

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Unofficial Family Law

Ann Laquer Estin

Court-System Transparency

Lynn M. LoPucki

Patent Disclosure

Jeanne C. Fromer

In the Zone: Sex Offenders and the Ten-Percent Solutions

Asmara Tekle-Johnson


A Post-Granholm Analysis of Iowa’s Regulatory Framework for Wine Distribution

Jessica R. Reese

The Psychological-Parent and De Facto-Parent Doctrines: How Should the Uniform Parentage Act Define “Parent”?

Lindsy J. Rohlf

What’s It to You?: The Difficulty of Valuing the Benefits of Climate-Change Mitigation and the Need for a Public-Goods Test Under Dormant Commerce Clause Analysis

Mary Bede Russell

Backing Bundled Discounts After Brooke Group: Analyzing the Debate over the Legality of Above-Cost Bundled Discounts

Jamie L. Weber

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