GW’s “Panic” Conference

GW Panic Conf Logo.jpgIn July 2008, I posted an assessment of whether the then-building financial problems were a panic (mere behavioral phenomenon) or a crisis (reflecting substantive conditions). I reported that we at GW Law School were organizing a conference to explore that and the dozens of profound radiating issues.

We can now formally announce the convening of our conference. It is called the Panic of 2008 and will be held at GW on April 3-4, 2009, at the Law School in Washington DC. (The title does not necessarily answer the question posed in my July post!)

The amazing list of participants, from all walks of relevant life, includes the following:

Law School Academics (non-GW)

Bill Bratton (Georgetown)

Don Langevoort (Georgetown)

Milt Regan (Georgetown)

Jon Macey (Yale)

Pat McCoy (Connecticut)

Harvey Goldschmid (Columbia)

Tamar Frankel (BU)

Henry Hu (Texas)

David Zaring (Penn/Wharton)

David Skeel (Penn)

Lisa Fairfax (Maryland)

Joe McCahery (Amsterdam)

Jim Cox (Duke)

Steve Schwarcz (Duke)

Frank Partnoy (San Diego)

Bobby Ahdieh (Emory)

Anna Gelpern (Rutgers Newark)

Jim Fanto (Brooklyn)

Heidi Mandanis Schooner (Catholic)

Scholars from Non-Law Academic Departments

Robert Bruner (Virginia, Business)

Sean Carr (Viirginia, Business)

Ed Altman (NYU, Business)

Bill Handorf (GW, Finance)

Jay Ritter (Florida, Finance)

Charles Geisst (Manhattan College, Finance)

Ken Snowden (North Carolina, Economics)

Maury Klein (Rhode Island, History)

Richard Sylla (NYU, History)

Private Sector Participants

Jack Bogle (Vanguard)

Russell Ramsey (Ramsey Asset Management)

Ed Labaton (Labaton Sucharow)

Irving Pollack (Fulbright & Jaworski)

Stanley Sporkin (former U.S. District Court for DC, Judge)

Peter Wallison (American Enterprise Institute)


Dennis Berman (Wall Street Journal)

Floyd Norris (New York Times)

Daniel Gross (Newsweek)

Rob Cox (Breakingview)

Jesse Eisenger (Condé Nast Portfolio)

GW Law

Larry Mitchell (Conference Chair)

Michael Abramowicz

Larry Cunningham

Theresa Gabaldon

Susan Karamanian

Greg Maggs

Art Wilmarth


GW Student Corporate and Business Law Society

Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society (Carla Rosati, Executive Director)

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2 Responses

  1. Jon Macey says:

    looking forward to this event! Best, Jonathan Macey

  2. Frank says:

    Congratulations on a truly fantastic line-up. I’d go to learn more about the topic if I weren’t already doing another conference that day!