Death on a Factory Farm

I caught a few minutes of HBO’s new documentary Death on a Factory Farm the other night. It focuses on an undercover investigation of a hog farm in Ohio, the graphic footage of abuse it revealed, and the legal case that followed. It was so disturbing that I actually had to turn it off, but then again I’m a vegetarian – it’s those who are not that need to watch.

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5 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    In other news, scientists have detected dangerously elevated smug levels emanating from this blog post.

  2. joetarcy says:

    I live in farm country. These things cause a lot of air and water pollution and heath problems for people living near them. Little did I know that the animals were treated so horribly beside that. Seeing the sores on the sows explains why the animals must be fed a constant stream of antibiotics, resulting in resistant bacteria. These things are a danger to all of us.

  3. screamingbanshee says:

    but will we stop? will we ever stop treating animals this way. i too tried to watch, so that i can be as educated as possible when havign the argument – know your enemies as they say – and i had to turn it off. it’s devastating. it makes me ashamed to be a human.

  4. Animals Feel says:

    I watched the entire film & was disgusted by the fact that these so-called pig farmers were let off for their acts of animal cruelty because the judge was swayed by the opinion of those in the room.

    When will people learn to think for themselves?

    A veterinarian was put on the stand where he stated that hanging the poor sow did not result in pain for the obviously struggling animal who took 4 Minutes to Die.

    Why didn’t they ask him if he’d like to ‘euthanize’ his dog that way??

    The biggest red flag in the film was the trained professionals who were bandying about the term ‘Euthaniasia’ as if they were referring to ‘putting an animal to sleep’ by an overdose of barbiturates which is what is done at the vets office & costs $$.

    Euthanize means ‘beautiful death’ in Greek. It is not supposed to involve any pain of any sort.

    The use of that term was an oxymoron, a word they know nothing about except for the latter half.

    Hanging a large animal by a chain is not Euthanasia–.

    People have been arrested for hanging cats in other states.

    Even young kids were punished. It is Animal Cruelty.

    needless to say the farmers in this godless part of the USA all looked like they were heartless, evil creeps who basically were sadists & butchers and nothing else. maybe Satan worshippers.

    They were uneducated creeps whose concern was only for the penny on the pound they would get for these animals–who r sentient beings.

    Pigs r highly intelligent & don’t deserve to be treated like criminals.

    If u r going to butcher a pig who was kept for years breeding babies under deplorable conditions & then u put a chain around her neck & hang her with a f*cking forklift–then u go before a judge & lie through ur teeth about it being the only way to ‘Euthanize’ the animal. Come on–there r other ways to ‘butcher’ a pig.

    This is the biggest mindf*ck I’ve ever seen.

    & it’s totally unacceptable to me.

    Sorry but if u lack money to properly deal with a downed sow then the least u would do was cut her throat–something they do to animals in slaughterhouses every day under so-called ‘Hebraic’ law. Which actually is not humane at all. It hurts. Why don’t u try it sometime.

    We need to stand up & stop switching the channel because watching such undercover footage is so abusive to what we think the world is about.

    This abuse goes on precisely because everyone looks the other way.

    That angelic guy who does undercover work for the animals–he is the true heroe of this film. He is damaging himself psychologically just so that something might change.

    His karma will carry him forward to become an even higher human being than he already is.

    It’s so offensive that we let assholes like those who run that farm abuse & kill the animals–who have NO RIGHTS whatsoever.

    People, take action on this.

    Humane standards need to be introduced & enforced into the Agriculture industry that’s what these activists r trying to accomplish.

    The judge, who had the ball in his court entirely blew it. I will try to contact him & point out what he did wrong on this case.

    That’s it in a big nutshell.

    Look up this Wiles farm in horrible Ohio & send them a pointed message. Also get other people to watch the film.

    These people r getting away with murder.

    & right now they r probably hanging some defenseless pig, doubtless getting their rocks off watching the poor animal struggle for countless minutes… really, that’s deplorable. Shame on every one who could not see the cruelty in this. It’s inexcusable.

  5. JJ says:

    @Animals Feel.I watched too and agree and can see what you say but when you say that slashing throats hurts well I can’t speak from experience and can you, really? Well I’ve known people who have been knived and slashed and haven’t
    felt a thing and have walked around for a while only to notice or be told that they’re bleeding. If sharp knives are used and butchers that I know are constantly sharpening and being anal about the sharpness of their blades, the nerve endings don’t register.
    I’ve been thinking constantly about a solution to the problem faced for that farm and my best solution is that they should invest in one those air powered bolt guns that modern abatoirs use where the beast gets a single bop on the brain and they’re dead in a stiff spasm which may only last a few seconds, not like that hog, struggling for minutes at the end of that chain…