A very disturbing report

According to a new press release from the UK/Iraqi advocacy group Iraqi-LGBT, Iraq will begin executions this week of dozens of criminals held for capital crimes. One of those “crimes” is homosexuality, and there are believed to be several death-row prisoners who are slated for execution in the next month, simply for the crime of being gay.  The Iraqi government is not discussing the details of these prisoners’ cases.

I can’t vouch for the veracity of this report — it’s on several blogs right now, but has not yet been verified by any mainstream news source that I could find. But the report is sufficiently alarming that I thought our readers might want to know about it. (And it is very much in line with the reports that have been coming out of Iraq for years, that “morality police” death squads have targeted and killed many gay Iraqis.)

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3 Responses

  1. A.W. says:

    Of course, it is horrible to execute a person just for being gay but…

    I thought liberals didn’t want to impose their values on other cultures? I thought they felt that western concepts like democracy, freedom, justice and so on wouldn’t take root in the middle east. So i continually find it weird that apparently the one value that the left continually wants to export is tolerance of homosexuality.

    Oh course, Kaimi, i won’t assume you have personally engaged in this hypocrisy. Your post just reminded me of how many people do.

  2. RH says:

    Who said “liberal” means moral relativist? If people are executing others for homosexuality, then “western concepts like democracy, freedom and justice” certainly have not taken hold, not even close.

  3. A.W. says:


    > Who said “liberal” means moral relativist?

    All of the people who said we can’t impose democracy on the iraqi people, that is who. Its historically ignorant and irredeemably morally relativist.

    If that’s not you, good, but they have been pretty loud for a few years now. They falsely call themselves realists.