Visiting Yale, Balkinization, and Law & Tech Theory

I just wanted to make a note that I’ll be posting less frequently than normal this month, for a few reasons. First, as many of our law prof readers know, the dreaded “March publishing cycle” is upon us. Second, I’m visiting at Yale this term, and it’s always a bit hard to “find your feet” at a new place. Finally, I’m posting at Balkinization and Law & Technology Theory this month.

I hope that SourceHub will add these posts to its apparent aggregation of my blogging at their site. (According to their metrics, I am a “highly opinionated, somewhat negative” writer–leading me to renewed skepticism of number-crunching!)

For those interested, my Balkinization posts have mainly followed up on these reflections on Google; I talk about the book settlement here, and conservative complaints that Google favors Obama here. The theme of Law & Tech Theory this year is technology and human autonomy; I’m concerned with performance-enhancing drugs, revising and updating some posts that first appeared here on Concurring Opinions.

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