Stanford Law Review, Issue 61:3 (December 2008)

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Stanford Law Review, Issue 61:3 (December 2008)


The Functions of Standing

Heather Elliott

The Myth of the Generalist Judge

Edward K. Cheng

Soft Law: Lessons from Congressional Practice

Jacob E. Gersen & Eric A. Posner

Legislative Threats

Guy Halfteck


Punitive Damages, Remunerated Research, and the Legal Profession

Shireen A. Barday

The Right of Confrontation, Ongoing Emergencies, and the Violent-Perpetrator-at-Large Problem

Scott G. Stewart

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1 Response

  1. Chris says:

    Glad to see that the actual Barday article talks about remunerated research, not renumerated–that sounds like research in which the numbers have been doctored!