Is the Window Open? February Law Review Submission Season Notice Board

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A few weeks back, Matt Bodie put up a thread on the winter law review submission season at Prawfs. It didn’t get too many responses, suggesting to me that the season hadn’t yet arrived. Time having passed, I’m putting this post up to inquire of our student law review readers:

1. Has your board turned over?

2. If not, when will it?

3. Do you want new articles on the day the new board moves in, or would you prefer to get used to the new digs first?

4. If you have already turned over, are you planning any theme issues that folks ought to consider submitting specialized pieces for?

5. What format do you want pieces in (especially if you are changing your previous policies).

6. Do you (still) take cash?

I will bump this thread weekly.

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20 Responses

  1. Illinois Editor says:

    1. We elected our new board on Tuesday.

    3. Articles can come in pretty much any time now. Probably starting next week would be best.

    4. We generally don’t do theme issues (unless it’s a symposium issue, of course)

    5-6: We haven’t changed any policy.

  2. Minnesota says:

    Information on our submissions page.

    1. No.

    2. Saturday.

    3. February 18.

    4. Symposium is our only theme issue, and we solicit pieces for that.

    5. MS Word document submitted via ExpressO.

    6. Sure, why not?

  3. Ex-Editors says:

    Dear Mr. Hoffman,

    *Now* you bring up cash? Why weren’t you willing to offer us cash last time you submitted? Instead, you told us that shares in the Madoff Fund were better, far, far better, than cash. And busy law review editors (and professor-trusting 2Ls) that we were, we accepted your representations. (We even worked hard on the source check.)

    Well, David-dude, please delete that article from your c.v. We’ve already deleted it from Westlaw and Hein. Cash is king around here now.

    – Your ex-editors

  4. david hoffman says:

    Look, you clearly got the prospectus (the “Cover Letter”) which accompanied my last piece. That prospectus contained the usual mix of puffery & safe-harbor statements, and put you on pretty fair notice about the securities in question.

    (In the meantime, current editors, please ignore this nonsense and try to provide some information that would help us poor authors know which way the wind blows.)

  5. Yale Journal of International Law (YJIL) says:

    1. No.

    2. Officers in late February, full Board in early March.

    3. Submissions re-open March 1, 2009.

    4. No theme issues are expected for our next volume (Volume 35).

    5. .doc or .pdf format via ExpressO.

    Thanks, and we look forward to reading your submissions!

  6. William & Mary L. Rev. Member says:

    1. No.

    2. The new board will be elected Sunday, Feb. 22.

    3. The new articles committee will likely start reading the week of Feb. 22.

    4. We have an annual symposium, but I am not sure of its topic.

    5. We accept via ExpressO.

    6. In this economy, we prefer gold bullion, a change from our prior policies.

  7. Vanderbilt Law Review says:

    1. No.

    2. The new board will be selected on Saturday, February 14.

    3. We are resuming submission review on Wednesday, February 18 in order to have a few days to train the new Senior Articles Editor and Articles Committee on the submissions process.

    4. We have no theme issues planned for the 2009-2010 editorial term. Next year’s editorial board will not be publishing a symposium.

    4.5. However, Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc, our new online companion, continues to accept submissions of shorter, lightly footnoted responses to articles published in the Vanderbilt Law Review. Please visit our website for more details:

    5. We strongly prefer electronic submissions through ExpressO. We ask that authors not submit both hard and electronic copies. If you do not have access to an ExpressO account, please send your article, an abstract, and a CV to For more information on our submission policies, please see our website:

    6. We do not accept cash. But we do accept chocolate, coffee, and any other sources of caffeine. Mostly we just look forward to receiving your submissions!


    Lauren Lowe

    Senior Articles Editor

  8. YLJ turns over on 2/15. The new articles committee will immediately begin reviewing submissions.

  9. Michigan Law Review says:

    1. Yes

    2. N/A

    3. We are up and running now and welcome submissions.

    4. We are planning no theme issues other than our annual Book Review issue. We will not be having a symposium this year.

    5. We accept submissions in .doc or .pdf form via ExpressO.

  10. A couple of additional points for authors wishing to contribute to the Michigan Law Review’s annual Book Review Issue:

    -We are currently accepting submissions for the Book Review Issue. However, submissions to the Book Review Issue should be emailed directly to, and should not be submitted via ExpressO.

    -We are accepting manuscripts and short draft sections, as well as 1-2 page proposals for book reviews. Please see our complete guidelines for Book Review proposals at

  11. Elon Law Review says:

    Elon Law Review is currently accepting submissions of articles and book reviews. Submissions in .doc format may be sent by email to Ashley Duncan, Articles Editor ( ) or Neil Oakley, Book Review Editor ( ). We expect to begin accepting submissions through ExpressO shortly.

  12. 1. No

    2. Feb. 25

    3. We will begin reviewing submissions immediately after our elections.

    4. We are planning no theme issues other than our symposium issue.

    5. We accept submissions via ExpressO.

  13. dave hoffman says:

    I’ve learned that the Cornell Law Review just elected their board and that they are accepting submissions.

  14. 1. The board has not yet turned over.

    2. Officially, new editors begin on March 16th; until then, old and new editors will be working side-by-side.

    3. Articles are welcome now.

    4. We have an Annual Review of Administrative Law. No other issue (other than our symposium issue) has a set theme.

    5. Please send pieces in .doc or .pdf to, or submit via ExpressO. No hard copy required.

    6. No traveler’s checks.

  15. 1. Yes.

    2. See #1.

    3. We are accepting articles now.

    4. We have a theme issue but we are planning for it separately.

    5. We prefer submissions via ExpressO in Word 2003 or PDF format. Word 2007 is acceptable.

    6. We prefer articles of 20K to 30K words (including footnotes). 35K is acceptable. >35K under extraordinary circumstances.

  16. SMU Law Review says:

    1. No.

    2. Our elections are next week and turnover will officially occur on April 1st.

    3. We are currently reviewing articles and will continue accepting submissions after turnover.

    4. We are organizing a symposium, but there is nothing firm yet.

    5. We prefer submissions made through ExpressO.

    6. Kind words are always accepted.

  17. Iowa Law Review says:

    1. The new Board has not been selected.

    2. March 9.

    3. Feel free to submit articles now. The outgoing Articles Editors are reviewing articles to recommend to the incoming Editors.

    4. N/A

    5. We prefer that authors submit their articles via ExpressO, but we also accept hard copies. We no longer accept email submissions.

  18. North Carolina Law Review says:

    1. Yes.

    2. We elected our new Board on February 22nd.

    3. We will resume submission review within the week, so please begin submitting your articles if you have not already.

    4. This year’s fall symposium is entitled “Globalization, Families, and the State,” and the Law Review will be publish pieces authored by the symposium presenters.

    5. We strongly prefer submissions via ExpressO, though you are always free to send us hard copy submissions.

    6. Our preferred form of payment is candy – thank you!

  19. Missouri Law Review says:

    1. We are transitioning

    2. Articles editors take over March 1st

    3. Feel free to submit at any time

    4. Next spring’s symposium topic has not been selected

    5. We strongly prefer submissions via ExpressO, though all submissions will receive the same review.

  20. anon says:

    Harvard has obviously been accepting for a while, since mid-Feb.