Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 97.2 (January 2009)


Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 97.2 (January 2009)


Legislative Supremacy in The United States? Rethinking the Enrolled Bill Doctrine

Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Substance or Illusion? The Dangers of Imposing a Standing Threshold

Amanda Leiter

The Optimal Relationship Between Taxable Income and Financial Accounting Income: Analysis and a Proposal

Daniel Shaviro

Is Privacy a Woman?

Jeannie Suk


When “Turnabout” Is Not “Fair Play”: Tribal Immunity Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Courtney J. A. DaCosta

When Is a Search Not a Search? When It’s a Quarter: The Third Amendment, Originalism, and NSA Wiretapping

Josh Dugan

A “Margin of Appreciation” for “Marriages of Appreciation”: Reconciling South Asian Adult Arranged Marriages with the Matrimonial Consent Requirement in International Human Rights Law

Prashina J. Gagoomal

Unpublished Opinions: A Convenient Means to an Unconstitutional End

Erica Weisgerber

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    i would like to purchase this book. where could i find it and what is the cost.

  2. Ted says:

    How can I contact Josh Dugan?